New to the shooting steel targets? Where to Start

Shooting steel targets can be immensely fun but when you are new to the sport it can be quite intimidating. If you are reading this blog you are most likely new to the shooting world and looking for a start. Well, you came to the right spot! Here are a few fun things to help immerse you into the amazing world that is shooting.

Get yourself protection

The first thing you should do is go and get yourself some good ear and eye protection. I personally use mack’s ear plugs, they are comfortable and easy to pack away! But if you like the feel of over the head ear protection places like cabela’s sell a good variety. In the end it’s all personal preference just make sure to have a pair on hand. For eye protection, AR500 safety glasses are also a personal favorite. I like these due to the fact they never leave lines on my face and are comfortable even after I wear them for a few hours. Any pair will do but just remember to get a pair you would be comfortable in for more than 30 minutes!

Start practicing!

Start by going to a gun range with someone who has experience with shooting steel targets. The most important thing is to have fun and be safe! If you need  targets to shoot at, AR500 Target Solutions has some of the best targets on the market with a variety of sizes you can’t go wrong! The difference between shooting steel and paper targets is that metal targets will last you a few years whereas paper only lasts a day. AR500 steel is easy to hear as well as see your shot and after a long day of shooting you can spray paint right over your marks and shoot again tomorrow!

Dry Firing

Another great way to begin is to try dryfiring. Dryfiring is when you take your gun without ammo and practice using the trigger. This helps when the gun kicks back you are ready with good formation. In order to get the most accurate data, I use MantisX ,this system is connected through bluetooth to your phone so all of the data including firing times and accuracy will be saved right onto your phone for you. They are pretty reasonable starting at $99 and the most improved version is only $249! I highly recommend MantisX to any beginner looking for a way to improve their shot!

Take a conceal and carry class

If you are thinking that you would like protection at all times a conceal and carry class is for you. By completing the class you are able to carry in many states and keep yourself protected at all times. It is a simple class that will teach you not only basics but how to protect your family. Prepare before it is too late. That is the best safety!

Enjoy the community!

There are so many organizations and clubs to get involved in! By joining many organizations you are keeping our 2nd Amendment alive and that is something to be proud of. A few good communities include: National Rifle Association (NRA), AWwBA, Agirlandagun. Those are just a few of many associations that you can join!

Next up, learn more on about ar500 target types and what type of ammo you can use on them.

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