Steel Shooting Targets

Quality USA Made

At Rangetime high-quality affordable steel shooting targets are our passion. We CNC laser cut our shooting targets in the USA from the finest AR500 and AR550 steel. Not only are our steel shooting targets bead blasted and smooth, they are tough and can endure the most advanced tactical shooter. Above all; quality shouldn’t have to cost you more, so don’t settle for softer plasma cut steel shooting targets. Instead; opt for a target that is as tough and precise as you are. If you need ideas, check out our blog on how to hang steel targets.

AR500 Steel Targets

3/8 inch thick AR500 targets  work great for all types of handguns, pistols and rifle calibers up to a .308. They ring well and can handle pretty much anything you can dish out. We recommend 10 yards or more with handguns and 100 yards or more with rifle calibers.

AR550 Steel Targets

1/2 inch thick AR550 targets uses are for magnum round rifle shooting with calibers greater than .308. These calibers have that extra punch that can bend a steel shooting target over time. Moreover; another caliber that we recommend using AR550 with is the .223 or .556 when shooting close quarters type of shooting.

Steel Silhouette Targets

Steel silhouette targets come in several sizes. We carry them in sizes, 7×14 (50%) ipsc AC Zone, 9×18 (75%) ipsc AC Zone, 12×20 (66%) ipsc, 18×30 (100%) ipsc. Silhouettes make great steel shooting targets as they are kind of like having two targets in one. Silhouettes are shaped like a human torso and the main body gives the shooter a nice size surface to sight in on. Secondly; the head of the target is smaller and helps the shooter tighten up their shot groups.

Steel Gong Targets

Steel gong targets are traditional round and shaped more like a paper target. Many shooters will paint a bullseye or a dot in the center to zero in on. Shooting your steel gong target will knock off some of the paint providing you with a very clear picture of where your shooting target was hit. Just paint over with any cheap enamel paint to make your steel shooting targets look like new again.

Reactive Hostage Targets

Reactive hostage targets go behind a steel silhouette target and provide noticeable action when hit. In addition; the AR500 steel paddle spins from one side to the other and resets so you can shoot again. Most importantly; with our modular design, your silhouette steel shooting targets will still ring like a bell as the hostage add on does not bolt on to the silhouette.