AR550 Steel Targets

Our AR550 target line up is made for heavy duty, high usage shooters where 3/8 inch AR500 just won’t do. At 1/2 inch thick, they hold up well to almost all magnum round calibers such as .338 and .45-70 at 100 yards or more. They may even be used for 50 BMG at 400 yards or longer as long as you are not using armor piercing rounds.

If you like to shoot .556 or .223 at close quarters combat range, these AR550 steel targets will make an excellent choice. AR550 offers a harder surface than your typical AR500 targets. With velocities from these rounds traveling over 3000 fps, AR500 can start to pit or even crater when shooting at distances as close as 50 yards. This can lead to ricochets and shrapnel coming back towards the shooter.

Like all of our AR500 targets, our AR550 is CNC laser cut and made in the USA. Laser cutting is a cooler, faster process that keeps the integrity of the target hardness in tack. Plasma cutting overheats targets and makes the edges more brittle. The result can be severe edge chipping and cracking targets that will not last long.

Our AR550 steel targets come in gong sizes 4 inch to 12 inch. If your looking for silhouettes, we have them from size 7×14, all the way to the full size IPSC 18×30. To learn more about which target to shoot at, check out our steel targets page.