Key Safety Guidelines for Shooting Steel

Key Safety Guidelines for Shooting Steel

Mostly the shooters, out of their habit, prefer shooting on paper targets, cardboard, or paper targets. But AR500 target is an excellent option to consider. What is the reason for selecting a shooting target, and what guidelines you should practice, all will be discussed in this article.

Why Prefer Shooting Steel?

The shooters prefer quality shooting targets as they can be easily and quickly set up. You can shoot them comfortably until you are out of ammo or tired. Set one end of 2”x4” in your tension mount at the top and the other at the bottom. 

You get extra time with AR500 targets because they do not require spare time to replace or repair them. However, all shooting targets are not designed equally. The targets that are softer than AR500 or AR550 can be easily damaged with the impact. However, AR500 targets maintain their shape even after heavy use. 

Target shooting at scrap metals or any other soft metals can produce unpredictable results.  Scrap metal is often not hardened correctly and can have corrosive properties that make the target unsafe to shoot.  Apart from the above, there are various positive reasons people like using AR500 targets.

More reasons for using metal targets are discussed below:

  • You will receive an immediate response on whether the target is hit or missed.
  • You will receive auditory feedback with a “ring sound” and a visual feedback due to our targets being powder coated.
  • They last for a longer time, generally around 1000 hits, on following the guidelines thoroughly.
  • You do not require any paper target holes to cover the patch.
  • You do not require to change the targets frequently after every use.
  • The steel shooting targets are unaffected by rain, wind, or any other weather conditions. Hence you can use them in any season.
  • You can change the targets faster with quick spray paints.
  • They are easy to transport to different places and can be re-assembled with ease.
  • AR500targetsolutions.com targets are designed and manufactured in the United States using American metal.  
  • They are fun to shoot. 

Safety Rules for AR500 & AR550 Targets

An important point to remember while target shooting is to use it at your own risk. In some cases, shrapnel from ammo can product splatter that may ricochet towards you. Although, the risk of this is extremely low depending on the distance and caliber shot. Moreover, You should always wear proper eye protection and clothing to avoid the chance of injury.

Despite taking all the necessary precautions, there are still chances of risk. Hence, you must follow some safety rules while target shooting and maintain the longevity of your targets

  • You must follow all the firearms safety rules every time while shooting targets.
  • You must wear certified eye protection (ANSI Z87.1) along with side shields and ear protection.
  • Pistol Distance– You should maintain the minimum distance of 10 yards from the target; maximum 1500 fps.

Note- According to IDPA RULE 2.15, while shooting AR500 targets, a distance of 10 yards or more should be maintained.

  •  Rifle Distance- While target shooting with rifles, maintain a minimum distance of 100 yards; maximum 3000 fps.

Note- To avoid pitting, ensure the bullet speed is below 2850 fps. However, after the impact, if it leaves the mark, you should increase your distance.

  • Avoid welding modifying the AR500 steel plates. Avoid shooting armor piercing, solid copper bullets.
  • Try shooting the targets at straight directions, avoid at steep angles. Do not practice under any uncontrollable directions.  
  • Before shooting targets, ensure that the target is angled downwards towards the ground, so that bullet, after hitting the target, deflects towards the ground.
  • Watch for ricochets and shoot metal targets from a long distance to reduce damage to the target.

Note- As most of the lead and copper rounds deflect at 20°, always wearing safety glasses. Install the setup of shooting the AR500 targets in safe and open location. 

There are chances bullets can deviate from their paths and head towards unknown directions. They can also penetrate in the wrong type of targets.

  • Do not ever shoot steel with BBs, pellets, or Air Soft at thicker targets as they do not have enough force to splatter and may bounce back.
  • Shoot with little crumble ammo on AR500 targets to generate less fragmentation. Instead, consider regular jacketed handgun ammo.
  • The splattered lead bullet will be hot; therefore, avoid using them in dry grass due to fire risk.
  • If somehow the metal targets become bent or damaged, try to replace it. You can purchase these metal targets from AR500TargetSolutions.com.  


General Suggestions for Target Shooting

  • The first and foremost point to remember is to hang the AR500 targets at a 20 or 30 degree angle to deviate the bullet towards the ground.
  • Usually, the closer you shoot the target, the more it deviates towards the ground.
  • While shooting, both the shooters and audience are advised to wear certified eye and ear protection. Also prefer wearing the right clothes for protection.
  • After the target has been shot at by multiple rounds it may have it’s powder coat stripped away. Try to use an orange or white fluorescent spray to repaint the target hits.
  • Always check to see which type of steel works best for your target situation.
  • The long-distance shooting targets generally have quieter ringing.
  • On larger  targets, the ring is usually louder.
  • On thinner targets, the ring is pitched higher.
  • Try using those rings that come covered by a gunshot sound, especially at closer distances.
  • Use a wooden board around 2”x4”x4” to upright and support the target. Cut it according to your desired shape and height.
  • As always, make sure to practice good gun safety etiquette.


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