T Post Target Hanger

Our t post target hanger is an economical way to hang your targets. They simply bolt on top of a standard fence post with two set bolts. Once installed they will hold your metal targets at a 20 degree downward facing angle. This angle deflects your shrapnel safely to the ground.

Our t post target hanger comes with a 2-1/2 x1/2 grade 8 carriage bolt with a lock nut to mount your target. The mounts are designed to hold your target at an angle while still allowing the target to move when struck. This design will allow your target to ring loudly.

If you are looking for a fun reactive target system, add one of our modular hostage target kits to your t post target hanger with a silhouette target.

These target hangers work great with all types of handguns, pistols and rifles. When using them with 8 inch round targets or smaller, we recommend getting them with our optional Target lok system. Occasionally small targets can bounce off the hanger without the Target Lok.

Save money by getting them in three packs.