At Rangetime, high-quality AR550 & AR500 targets are our passion. All of our steel shooting targets are CNC Laser cut in the USA from the finest AR500 and AR550 steel. Not only are these targets bead blasted and smooth, they are tough and can endure the most advanced tactical shooter. Quality shouldn’t have to cost you more, so don’t settle for softer plasma cut targets. Instead opt for a target that is as tough and precise as you are.

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All of AR500 Target Solutions target shooting plates are tough, impact-resistant, and durable.

Our more durable AR550 steel for our ½” thick steel target lineup to accommodate our heavy-duty rifle shooters. 

Our shooting targets are CNC Laser cut in the USA from the finest AR500 and AR550 steel.



Our targets are the best-made targets in the USA. We offer a variety of products, including premium IPSC  3/8″ AR500 targets and 1/2″ thick AR550 targets as well as safe, portable stands, steel gongs, hostage, and more.  Our AR500 targets work great with pistols, semi auto handguns and rifle calibers under .308. If you are shooting magnum round rifles, check out our AR550 line up. They are the thickest, strongest metal targets on the market and can even hold up to a 50 BMG at 400 yards or more.  If your not sure what target you need, check our caliber chart or read our blog on AR500 vs AR550. The reactive targets and AR500 and AR550 steel silhouette targets have and continue to be a crowd favorites, so don’t hesitate to check them out!


All RangeTime Stand Systems are designed with portability in mind. These modular designs allow you to set up your ar550 & ar500 targets with ease. Also, by having the stands super portable means you can expand your range in very creative ways without the time consuming assembly process.


Having targets with out a good hanging option can be frustrating and dangerous. If you’re tired of broken chains or worried about ricochets check out our 2×4 standst-post mounts and gong hanging kits. Each one can be used with all gun types. Some have benefits over others depending on if you’re shooting rifles or pistols.


Our hostage target kit features an AR500 steel swinging paddle that measures 5″ x 3/8″ that “locks in”  to the hostage target mount so it won’t jump out of the mount.


If you are an active/retired military personnel, in law enforcement or are a 1st responder, we would like to honor you with a discount on our products.

Please submit a copy of your professional id, DD214 or business card to receive your discount code.

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Marshall, Fletcher, North Carolina

If you enjoy shooting and have not yet fired on steel, you are missing out on true joy. Personally I love immediate feedback / gratification. When I send a round down range and hear “TWANG”, I know The firearm, ammunition, target and I are in real harmony, true joy. Where do you get great steel?…

Scott, Fredericktown, MO

I’ve ordered at least 5 times from this seller. As always, Item as described, shipped quickly. Would buy from again. Thanks for the great Targets!!!

Steven, Blacksburg, VA

These targets were far superior to similar targets I have purchased for other manufacturers for the same money. The quality is immediately seen as soon as one opens the package and sees the high-quality paint job. With the free shipping, it’s a real cost savings deal.

Dan, Owensburg, IN

These are the BEST ringing steel targets in my collection of just over 50 pcs. Nothing rings as clear or loud as these do.

Brian, Sacramento, CA

Bought the five pack AR500 targets. I sent the seller a few questions on a Sunday, I got a response within an hour. Ordered on Sunday, and the targets arrived on Wednesday! The quality appears to be excellent, and powder coating looks too good to be used on the range.

Eric, Astoria, OR

Great seller. Even better customer service. If there is a problem they will fix it. Quality items , I can’t wait to use them.

Cliff, Paris, TN

Showed up way early and very sturdy and also they were painted already super excited to have these in My range!

Bill, Edmonton, KY

Very fast shipping via FedEx and arrived 3 days earlier than best estimate. Well packaged and great looking gong plates. Neatly cut and nicely painted bright white.