Reactive Target Stand

A reactive shooting target can be a lot of fun. There is nothing better than seeing your target move confirming your hit. Our reactive stands can turn your AR500 & Ar550 gong targets into a moving system in a matter of minutes.

Nothing ruins you range time more than the old dreaded broken chain mount. Not so with our stand system. All of the components of our reactive shooting target stand are made from durable USA laser cut AR500. They are meant to last as long as your targets do.

Our reactive shooting target stand has two settings depending how how you want to shoot. Leave the target lok open and your targets will swing in a pendulum action when hit. Close the target lok and your target will do a quick reset like a popper target for quick follow up shots.

All hardware is included in our reactive stands. The only thing you need to supply is the wood 2×4’s and 3/4 inch electrical conduit for legs on applicable products. Comes with 2-1/2 inch x 1/2 inch grade 8 Carriage bolts to mount your targets.