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    Plate Rack-Five 8″ AR550 Steel Shooting Targets

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    Plate Rack-Five 8″ AR500 Steel Shooting Targets

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Steel target plate rack systems are an economical way to enjoy shooting steel. They are sometimes called a poorman’s plate rack because the targets do not fall or reset when struck like expensive plate rack systems. They can easily be transported and set up at your favorite range in a matter of a few minutes.

What makes our steel target plate rack different from most of our competition is our mounting system. The targets are mounted loosely at a 20 degree downward angle. This angle puts your shrapnel to the ground below the targets. This reduces the chance of ricochets and shrapnel coming back towards the shooter. When using our included Target Lok system, targets will move when struck and ring loudly.

Every steel target plate rack system comes in either 3/8 inch thick AR500 or heavy duty 1/2 inch thick AR550. Both target options are Cnc Laser cut and made with high quality USA made steel. Cutting with a laser is a cooler, faster process that keeps the integrity of the steel in tack. Plasma cutting, like many of our competitors use, overheats targets and makes the edges more brittle. The results of plasma cutting can be severe edge chipping and cracking targets that will not last long.

AR500 works great for pistol shooting and rifle calibers up to 308. If you like to shoot .223 at distances as close as 50 yards or shoot magnum round rifle calibers, check out the heavy duty AR550 line up. They can take a beating for years to come.