Shooting Target Stands

Having targets with out a good shooting target stands can be frustrating and dangerous. If you’re tired of broken chains or worried about ricochets, we have three great options for you.

2×4 Target Stand

The 2×4 target stand is one of the best portable shooting target stands money can buy.  They are quick and easy to set up and can be put away in  less than a minute. All that you need to complete this stand is a common 4 foot wood 2×4 and targets. These types of stands and mounts can handle a target as small as a 4 inch gong target as well as a 18×30 full size silhouette!  The targets will have just a slight bit of movement but are considered static target stands.

Reactive Target Stand

Reactive target stands work great for 4 inch and bigger gong targets. When striking them, they swing back and worth.  It is very noticeable that you hit the target, even at long ranges. The hook and strap system is made out of AR500 and is as durable as the targets themselves. Everything is included in these shooting target stands except for a wood 2×4, targets and electrical conduit in 3/4 inch size for legs.  If your tired of broken chains with stands then this target hanging kit is for you.

T Post Target Hanger

T post target hanger systems are your most economical style target hanging kit. They work great for a permanent range. Just pound in an inexpensive fence post and install your t post hanger and you’re ready to go. All that is required for this shooting target hanger is a fence post.