Hostage Target Add-on

Our modular steel hostage target add-on makes any of our 12×20 silhouette 2×4 stand systems or 9×18 75% IPSC 2×4 stand systems into a reactive target system with just a couple of bolts. This design mounts to the t-post mount or 2×4. Most of our competitors mount the hostage paddle to the back of the silhouette. Anytime you bolt or weld to the back of a target, it will lose it’s ring quality. Not so with our add on. Your main silhouette will still “ring” like a bell. The hostage paddle will also have its own distinctive ring plus you will know when you hit it as it swings to the other side.

The ar500 5×3/8 paddle sits behind the silhouette and swings side to side when hit with a 9mm and above. Our steel hostage target add on works great with both our AR500 and AR550 target systems. It can be used with pistol as close as 10 yards and rifles at 100 yards or more.

Adding our steel hostage target to your current system will greatly enhance your shooting ability by helping you concentrate on your shot placement grouping.  Shoot steel and have fun.

*Fitment- For use with Rangetime 12×20 and 9×20 silhouettes. 2×4 mount/t-post mount, silhouette is not included. Mounts bought before 07/2020 will have to have holes drilled to mount the hostage target mount. New 2×4 mountst-post mounts are pre-drilled.