T Post Target Systems

T Post Target systems are one of the most economical target systems you can buy. Rangetime target systems come complete with hardware, t post hanger, target lok and steel target. All that is needed is a steel fence post and you’re ready to go.

Our unique t post target hanger holds the target at a 20% angle while still letting the target have movement.  This design put all your spent shrapnel to the ground in front of the target while allowing the steel target to have the best ringing sound when struck. All of our systems now come with our target lok system. Flip it down and it holds the target in place so the target can not jump of  the mount when struck. Simply flip it up to remove the steel target in seconds for storage or to change to another size target.

Add on one of our reactive hostage target paddles for maximum fun. Our modular design allows them to be easily added to any one of our target systems. Calibers as low as a 9mm will flip the paddle side to side when struck.

Rangetime t post target systems come in two different target thickness. 3/8 inch thick AR500 works great for handguns and rifle calibers up to .308. If you’re shooting steel  with magnum round rifles like a .338 or bigger, check our  heavy duty 1/2 inch thick aR550 line. If you like to shoot .223 or .556 at close quarter combat style shooting, we recommend going with the heavier 1/2 inch thick ar550 line.