2x4 Target Stand Systems

Our best-selling 2×4 target stand systems just got better. We have redesigned the x-base going back to a fitted 2×4 tube for holding up the 2×4. Simply slide in your 2×4 into the base.  Then slide on the 2×4 mount and put your target on to the mount.  With this design, set up is a breeze. In less than one minute you can be set up at any shooting range.

Another great feature of our 2×4 target stand systems is they properly hold your steel targets at a 20 degree downward angle. This put all your spent shrapnel safely to the ground while allowing maximum ring from your steel targets. Our unique target lok system keeps your targets from bouncing off while letting the targets move and ring loudly.

Every 2×4 steel target system comes in either 3/8 inch thick AR500 or heavy duty 1/2 inch thick AR550. AR500 works great for pistol shooting and rifle calibers up to 308. If you like to shoot .223 at distances as close as 50 yards or shoot magnum round rifle calibers, check out the heavy duty AR550 line up.