Steel Gong Targets

Gong targets work great for most shooting applications. They especially stand out when shooting rifles at 100 yards or more. Being round, they can be used similarly to a paper target. Since all our gong targets come powder coated in white, a shooter can see where he has hit by the missing paint. This gives powder coated gong targets a big advantage over a traditional paper target. We have all been there where you must almost walk all the way to a paper target to see where you hit. Not so with gong targets. With a good pair of binoculars, you know right away where you hit. Just bring a long a cheap can of enamel paint to touch up the target occasionally.

Our gong targets come in 3/8 inch thick AR500 and ½ inch thick AR550. Sizes vary from 4 inch to 12 inch in diameter. AR500 works best with handguns, pistols and rifle calibers under 308. If you shoot magnum round rifles like a .338 up to 50 BMG, check out our ½ inch thick AR550 line up. With a harder surface, they also work well with 556 in close combat quarter type of shooting.

Mounting our steel gong targets is easy. With three ½ inch carriage bolt holes, you can center mount on one of our mounts or hang by two chains.  Carriage bolts have a smooth head that faces the shooter and helps prevent ricochets. If you need ideas, check out our blog on how to hang steel targets.