2x4 Target Stand

Our popular 2×4 target stand products are super easy to use.  Use our 2×4 mounts to build your own system or get one of our full portable 2×4 target stands.

The 2×4 top mount is the start of every great system. It is designed to hold your target at a 20 degree angle so your shrapnel is directed to the ground below your target. This keeps the shooter safe from ricochets.

Combine the 2×4 top mount with our 2×4 x-base and you have an extremely portable stand that is easy to set up. This stand can hold targets as large as our 18x30x1/2 full size silhouette that weighs 62 lbs!

Our 2×4 target stand can also accommodate multiple targets using our 2×4 slider mounts. Simply slide the mount onto the 2×4 in the desired location and screw it down with wood screws.

These stands and mounts work great for handguns and rifles alike.