Reactive Target Systems

Shooting a reactive target can be a lot of fun. Not only do you get to hear the distinctive “ring” of  the target, but you get to see it move. The motion can come from either a swinging target or from a paddle that can swing from side to side when shooting it.

One of the most popular reactive steel targets we have is our hostage target system. It is a 5×3/8 AR500 paddle that swings from side to side when hit with a 9mm or greater caliber. The reactive target paddle sits off the side of the main silhouette target. By have a included silhouette, you get two targets in one system. What makes the hostage target a fantastic reactive target is the paddle resets to the other side of the silhouette target when hit.

Our gong target systems are another favorite reactive target system. They come in many different configurations. When striking the gong target, it swings back. They also have two settings where the target can either do a quick reset for a fast follow up shot or they can also keep swinging in a pendulum style action. All the straps and hooks on this system are made from 3/8 ar500 making them as durable as the targets.