Steel Silhouette Targets

Check out our huge selection of steel silhouette targets.  They are used by military and law enforcement professionals for training on a daily basis. They make great all-around targets whether you shoot pistol or rifles. All our silhouette targets are CNC laser cut out of American made steel. Whether you want 3/8 inch thick AR500 silhouettes or ½ inch thick AR550 silhouettes, we have what you need. Rangetime steel silhouette targets come in sizes 7×14, 9×18, the popular 12×20 and even the full size IPSC 18×30.

If you shoot pistols, semi auto handguns or rifles with calibers under .308, AR500 3/8 inch thick is all you need. It has a hardened surface that breaks your ammo down into small chunks of shrapnel.  We recommend mounting them at a 20 degree downwards angle puts your shrapnel to the ground, keeping our safe. We have several hangers and mounts available with this design.

Magnum round rifles with calibers greater than .338 need to have thicker, stronger steel silhouette targets like our ½ inch thick AR550 line. With a harder surface than the AR500, they will even work great with a 50 BMG at 400 yards or better as long as you’re not using armor piercing ammo. If you like to shoot .223 at 50 yards or more, we recommend you also look at the AR550 line up.  With velocities over 3000 fps 223 can crater and damage an AR500 target at ranges closer than 100 yards. If you need ideas, check out our blog on how to hang steel targets.