The best type of target depends on your exact gun. Our targets are suitable for pistols, shot guns, and rifles. Check out the target selection guide below for your specific firearm.

List of firearms and recommended AR500 steel targets

Most ammo will deflect downward on a properly mounted AR500 target. Steel targets should be made from quality AR500 steel and preferably laser cut as to maintain the hardness of the Ar500 steel. Steel targets should be mounted at a 20% downward angle and be able to move freely, not fastened tightly to the mount. In general, bullets do not bounce back or ricochet. This does not mean, however, they never will, so always wear safety glasses and never use a steel target with big gouges or craters on it.

No. Pitting happens when the bullet strikes the target with too much heat intensity, causing the steel to fall out due to rapid expansion and contraction and creating a pit. The main cause of intense heat is ammo velocities that are too high impacting the target. Adding steel core or FMJ into the mix with too high of velocities at short distances will create dangerous craters in your target that can cause ricochets.

Larger and thinner targets will ring louder than smaller thicker ones. Also, mounting a target properly will make a target ring louder, last longer and be much safer. Targets should be mounted at a 20% downward angle and hang loosely so they can move freely, absorbing the energy from the ammo. Please check the installation instructions in our FAQ to ensure your mount assembly is correct.

An AR-15 with a 16” barrel at 100 yards using 55g ammo is right at the limits of AR500 steel at that distance. Any ammo with FMJ or steel will likely pit an AR500 steel target.

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