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Frequently Asked Questions

The best type of target depends on your exact gun. Our targets are suitable for pistols, shot guns, and rifles. Check out the target selection guide below for your specific firearm.

  • Minimum Distance for pistols is 10 yards.
  • Always wear eye protection when shooting steel targets
  • Do not use ammo with steel or armor piercing ammo.
  • Minimum distance for rifles is 100 yards with AR500 and 50 yards with AR550 and 20 degree mounting.
  • Speed must be below 3000FPS muzzle to avoid pitting on AR500.
  • **3000FPS and above require longer distances (125 yards) or more to avoid pitting on AR500, 50 yards or more with AR550.


Ammo Type 3/8″ AR500 1/2″ AR500/AR550
22LR Yes Yes
380 Yes Yes
9MM Yes Yes
357 MAG Yes Yes
40 Yes Yes
45 ACP Yes Yes
44 MAG Yes Yes
50 S&W Yes Yes


Ammo Type AR500 AR550
410 Slug Yes Yes
20 G Slug Yes Yes
12 G Slug No Yes


Ammo Type AR500 AR550
22LR Yes Yes
17HMR Yes Yes
22-250** Yes Yes
223/5.56** Yes Yes
7.62×51 Yes Yes
243 Yes Yes
270 Yes Yes
30-06 Yes Yes
308 Yes Yes
7mm No Yes
300 WM No Yes
338 LAP No Yes

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