Range Day Essentials

Ready for a day at the range? Going through your head: Ammo, guns, AR500 steel targets, bad ass attitude. You think you have everything until you are at the range and find the one thing you need is what you are missing. So Instead of forgetting, here is a list of the top eight items you do not want to forget!

  • Protective Eyewear- For safety purposes this is one of the most important things to bring. When going out to shoot it is important to always keep safety as first priority, protective eye wear serves as a guard from gun shrapnel. After all, new eyes are hard to find.
  • Ear Protection- The average gunshot can reach about 140 Db (decibels) louder than a jet engine. Imagine if a jet plane was by your ears, wouldn’t want to have some sort of protection? Why should shooting be any different? Ear protection is important because of the permanent damage it can cause. What happens is your ear collects sound waves and these waves enter the ear canal traveling toward the eardrum. When the sound is excessively loud, the sound waves contain a lot of force. The force of the waves can dislodge the tiny bones of your middle ear. Keep your ears safe from irreversible damage and make sure to wear your ear protection!
  • Clothes- Obviously very important to wear because who wants to go to the range naked? Maybe after a few beers… but let’s start off with wearing some shall we? To clarify no drinking until after you are done shooting;)! Jokes aside, the clothes you wear to the range are important. For the range, you will want comfortable and breathable garments to suit any weather that may roll in. (Also, wearing long sleeves and pants can protect you from any gun shrapnel that may hit you.)
  • Sunscreen- When you are going to an outdoor range you will want to have some sunscreen handy. Providing yourself protection from the sun is important due to the harsh rays of the sun. The skin’s thin layer can often get burnt or even blister. To make sure you do not get sun poisoning, wear long sleeves and do not forget to pack a hat! Nothing is worse than getting home after a long day and being so burnt you feel like a lobster… A sunscreen that I would highly recommend is Sun Bum. It is a super light sunscreen but heavy on protection, plus you get to smell like vacation. I mean who doesn’t want that? After all, the range is a pretty good vacation spot if you ask me.
  • Water- Often, we as humans forget that we need to drink water, yet dehydration can make us feel tired, irritable, or even sick. When the brain doesn’t have enough fluid, it cannot operate at peak performance. Staying hydrated is an easy way to help improve your concentration on the range allowing for more accuracy and fun!
  • Dry Silicone Spray- Another good item to bring to the range would have to be a dry silicone spray, for its versatility alone makes it quite a lifesaver. Say your target is not swinging as smoothly as it once used to, just adding some spray helps reactive AR500 steel targets swing freely!
  • Ample ammunition- Always bring more ammunition than you think. Bringing more ammo will never hurt… well, maybe your wallet but come on, we all know you want to shoot more, so do yourself a favor and pack some extra rounds just in case. Think, you can stay at the range and practice as much as you like or maybe you bump into a buddy at the range and you want to shoot a few more rounds off, now it doesn’t matter because you have all that extra ammunition!
  • AR500 Targets- Last but not least, bringing good quality steel targets is a must. A quality AR500 target makes the difference, whether it’s how many hits it can take or even how it deflects the shrapnel from the shooter. Comparatively, the stands for the targets are just as important. Considering they can tip over or hold the target at the wrong angle can result in injury, it is best to buy a sturdy and reliable stand for your Ar500 steel targets. You can find a great selection on our website

Lauren Myhre is my 18 year daughter and is aspiring to be a journalist. This is her first blog, feel free to leave a comment on how she did. Send her some love. I thought this would be a great post for Father’s Day Weekend as I am a proud father. -John Myhre

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Lauren Myhre


  1. Laurence Reinke on June 20, 2020 at 4:19 pm

    Good job Lauren, good info and all correct, keep up the good work.

  2. David on June 20, 2020 at 7:01 pm

    Nice work Lauren! Writing the first one is a huge step. The best advice I can give: when I first began writing, I would spend WAY too much time trying to format and edit correctly while also attempting to sound as intellectual as possible (which is what I thought people wanted). My background is very different than most and my life experiences that formed my self proclaimed “expertise” on self defense came from many of those “other side of the tracks” experiences. My very unique way of teaching in person would be down played when I tried to write my thoughts down in a way I “believed” people wanted to read the info. Basically trying to sound way more intellectual than I was, instead of using the passion, gained from lessons learned the hard way, guide my writing. Moral of the story…just write!!! Be yourself….never get caught up in the worry of how/what you think people want to read Or perceive you and just write from the heart on topics you care about! And write a lot!!! The more posts you have out, the more exposure you gain. Keep up the great work and take care!!

  3. OBNXS1 on June 20, 2020 at 7:40 pm

    Great job, Lauren! Lots of good information here with a nice sprinkling of humor.

  4. Eric on June 21, 2020 at 3:16 pm

    Thanks for the article, I’ll add some dry silicone spray to my range bag and give it a try.

  5. Bob on June 22, 2020 at 12:23 am

    Hi Lauren, oh how I wish I could set back the clock and take your advice to heart 50 years ago. Back then we didn’t even know about hearing loss from shooting so I didn’t wear ear pro for decades of shooting…I’m near deaf today but wouldn’t give up my life of shooting to be able to hear. Just wish someone I respected told me about ear pro.
    Also on your list, neglecting proper clothes. How many times have we seen a young lady shooting with a low top only to see hot brass drop down the collar. If her teacher would have given her your advice, she wouldn’t have gotten burned, have a scar and maybe would have a better outlook on shooting.
    Sunscreen, no one told us about that either. Never used the stuff until I was diagnosed with melanoma 10 years ago. Now I use it every day.
    Finally, the mistake I didn’t make was running out of AR 500 targets. They are excellent! I have never had one break or dent and I shoot a lot or rifle rounds at them.
    Great advice and keep up the good work. You never know who you’ll reach that will make a difference.
    By the way, this is my first response to a blog…ever. Good Luck.

  6. Tim Byrne on June 25, 2020 at 10:31 am

    Good job, Lauren. Back in the day, I didn’t use ear protection and I am paying for it now with a huge loss of my hearing. Shotguns on many dove hunts without ear protection is not good. Believe me. All of your suggestions are right on. Keep up the good work!!!

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