4 Top Reasons To Shoot AR500 Steel Targets

Many people are making the leap from paper to AR500 targets, so let’s look at a few reasons why.

Instant Feedback

What happens when a bullet hits an AR500 steel target? The target’s metal rings loudly, providing an audible indication the intended target has been struck. Most metal targets are painted a bright color, which also shows when a target is hit. The paint color can easily be changed to accommodate personal visual preferences.


AR500 targets are durable and will last for many years depending on the frequency and intensity of use. AR500 steel is a hardened, wear resistant grade of abrasion-resistant steel plate used most often on armored vehicles. In the last several years it has also surfaced as a durable target option as it has a high ballistic rating. Our AR500 steel plates can be used many times over with virtually no wear – in many cases a simple can of spray paint will make a very used steel target look good as new. Many consider this feature a value over paper targets.


If you are interested in checking out AR500 targets for yourself, you are in luck. We offer several different systems or variations of  AR500 target systems, from the simple square sheet of AR500 steel with holes for hanging to more elaborate reactive targets that move on impact. Whatever your budget, you are certain to find an option to fit your needs. Pricing can start as low as $10 for a simple small steel target. When compared to paper targets of similar size, AR500 targets can sometimes appear more expensive. However, when reviewing the longevity, AR500 steel targets will provide the consumer with multiple uses over many sessions at the range. Paper targets are one and done.

Scalable and Versatile

Lastly, as mentioned above, there are several options for AR500 shooting systems. Many systems can be built up over time, providing a budget friendly option. Dueling trees, a target system that usually resembles a tree with several paddles mounted on a steel rod, is one shooting system option. In a dueling tree, the paddles are made to move back and forth upon impact. Hostage targets are another common system, most often designed using a silhouette shaped target and a reactive paddle attached near the top to emulate a hostage situation. One last system that is very popular is the simple chain mount system where several round gong-style AR500 targets hang on chains from a simple wooden 2×4. It is recommended that a higher-grade chain (such as 100 grade) be used to hang the individual gongs.

Let’s recap: when considering steel as your next target purchase remember that AR500 steel provides audible and visual feedback almost instantly. They are very durable and will be an investment for years to come – in fact, AR500 steel targets, based on years of use, can be comparable in price to paper targets! And don’t forget the fun factor: these types of targets are available in many different sizes, and many are sold with systems that make target practice more versatile.

Ready to start shooting steel? Head on over to our steel targets page to learn more about how to hang steel targets and what calibers to use!.

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