AR500 Steel Targets

Our AR500 target line up is the bread and butter for shooting steel. Cnc Laser cut and made with high quality USA made steel, what’s not to love.

Laser cutting is a cooler, faster process that keeps the integrity of the steel in tack. Plasma cutting, like many of our competitors use, overheats targets and makes the edges more brittle. The result can be severe edge chipping and cracking targets that will not last long. All of our AR500 comes in 3/8 inch thickness and can handle all handgun calibers and rifle calibers up to .308.

Our AR500 targets come in gong sizes 4 inch to 12 inch. If your looking for silhouettes, we have them from size 7×14, all the way to the full size IPSC 18×30. All AR500 targets come with three 1/2 inch carriage bolt holes so you can safely mount your AR500 steel how you want. Pick up one of our mount kits to safely mount your target and get the most ring out of your target.