Shooting Targets

Shooting Targets

Here at Rangetime, you will find great deals on quality shooting targets.  We carry a great selection of affordable steel gongs, steel silhouettes and steel reactive targets in either AR500 or AR550 steel.  If you need to sight your gun in, check out our nice selection of paper & cardboard shooting targets.  All of our targets come with free shipping on orders over $99.

AR500 Targets

All of our ar500 targets come in 3/8 inch thickness and work great with most handguns and rifle calibers up to .308. We CNC Laser cut them right here in the USA. We bead blast smooth and powder coat all of our steel targets, so they are ready to go.  The loud ringing noise they make when shot will put a smile on your face. Shooting steel has never been more fun.

AR550 Targets

When you shoot magnum round rifles or .223 at close range, you need a shooting target that can take a beating. Our AR550 targets come 1/2 inch thickness and have a slightly harder surface than AR500 targets. The harder surface of AR550 steel stands up to the high velocities of .223 and kinetic energy generated from large rounds like .338. Many police and military personnel prefer AR550 as it stands up to daily heavy usage. Of course, just like our AR500 targets, they are proudly made in the USA. At Rangetime, we also take the extra time to bead blast and powder coat your  targets, so you don’t have too.

Paper Shooting Targets

Paper targets can sometimes be a better solution than steel targets. For instance, paper targets would work great for diagnosing common handgun shooting errors or sighting in your gun.  We carry a variety of quality paper targets and cardboard targets most applications. Get the most from your shooting range time with our quality paper targets.