Steel Shooting Target Stencil-Large

  •  7 inch diameter
  • Easily paint a bullseye on your target
  • CNC Laser Cut Steel
  • Made In USA

Color: Unpainted

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The bullseye is 2” in diameter on each target, with 1” between each of the focus lines/rings and the bullseye. Lines/rings themselves are ¼”. The stencil size is 7” in total diameter and features a two rings.

Shooters and spectators must always wear proper eye and hearing protection. Shooting targets with full metal jacket, steel core, slugs or rounds traveling over 3000 fps may cause minor dents or craters. (remember you are shooting steel with steel). Never shoot armor piercing or steel bird shot at any steel target. Using a deformed or damaged target can lead to injury. Minimum distances are as follows: 10 yards for pistols and 100 yards for rifles. Please review our caliber chart for minimum distances coordinating to your caliber. Buyer assumes all responsibility for the use and misuse of the purchased steel targets.


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