12×20 AR500 Hostage Target with T-Post Mount


When you pack AR500 steel gong targets, it’s all about sending hot lead down range and making freedom “ring”. Steel gong targets takes out all of the guess work when shooting distances by getting instant feedback with an audible ring of the target when hit. No more taking time to walk down to the targets to see where you have hit. Steel shooting targets even work better when using a spotting scope because the lead splatters are very easy to see. Bring along a rattle can of paint to cover them up and start shooting again!

AR500 targets are made to last; hard and durable for as long as you can handle them.

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  • **New: AR500 Targets are now cut with a CNC laser machine making them much more durable than plasma cut targets.
  • Includes 12″x 20″Ar500 hostage target,  5″ hostage target paddle and T-post mount kit. (No base)
  • Comes apart in seconds for easy transport. Free Shipping!!
  • AR500 Steel shooting targets are manufactured to from new high quality  AR500 steel plate made in the USA.
  • Mount kit holds target at a 20% angle to help deflect shrapnel to the ground
  • These AR500 steel targets work great for most pistol and rifle calibers, including 9mm, 45ACP, .223, 30-06 & 308 as well as most other high powered rifle calibers.

Included is a 12 x 20  AR500 Hostage Target,  2×4 Modular 5″ hostage target, T-post mount that holds steel target at a 20% angle. Tactical. Precise. Tough. When you pack AR500 Target Solutions Targets, it’s all about sending hot lead down the range and making freedom “ring”. All of our targets are fabricated with certified AR500 steel that are forged in the fires of american patriotism. Shoot how you want. Our targets come with two 1/2″ holes and one 1/2″ carriage bolt hole so you can use a 2×4 mount or hang from chains. Our targets are ready right out of the box. They are powder coated in white and awaiting your challenge to knock off some powder. When you do, just grab a cheap can of paint and paint over your shots. Minimum distances are 12 yards for pistol and 100 yards for most rifles under 3000 fps non FMJ. Always wear proper eye protection when shooting steel targets. Pro Targets For Pro Shooters.

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Weight36 lbs

3/8 inch, 1/2 inch


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