Reactive AR500 Coyote Target System -3/8″

  • CNC Laser Cut AR500 Steel Coyote
  • 2 reactive AR500 gong straps
  • Two 2×4 – conduit connectors
  • Powder Coated in White
  • Two 7/16″ Square Mounting Holes
  • Made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 12″x24″ x 3/8”


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Reactive AR500 Coyote Target System

Laser Cut in the USA with Certified AR500 Steel 

Our reactive Ar500 Coyote target’s high quality starts with certified USA made AR500 steel.  We also make our AR500 Coyote target right here in the good old USA. With proper care, our targets will last a lifetime. Flip the target around and use the other side for even longer life. Dimensions: 12x24x 3/8”

CNC Laser Cut

CNC laser cutting generates less heat and keeps the target edges strong. Moreover, with laser cutting, you will also get a cleaner smoother cut. Many of our competitors use the cheaper CNC plasma cut process to save money. Plasma cutting can overheat the metal and change the hardness of the target leading to more edge chipping shortening the life of the target.

Powder Coated

We powder coat all our reactive AR500 Coyote targets in white, so they are ready for action. This may seem like a small thing but painting a target can eat up a $5 can of paint really fast.

7/16” Square Carriage Bolt Holes

Laser cutting our reactive AR500 Coyote target allows us to put 7/16″ square mounting holes in the target so they can accept a carriage bolt. Using carriage bolts makes it easier to mount your Coyote target as you only need one wrench. Carriage bolts also have a smooth round head so there is less of a chance ricochet keeping your range time safe. If your looking for a easy safe way to mount your gong targets, check out our mount systems.

AR500 Reactive Target Gong Straps

Our reactive target gong straps are made out of the same tuff 3/8″  reactive Ar500 coyote target. Each strap has two settings for lots of shooting fun. Leave the strap lock down and it acts more like popper system with a quick reset for follow up shots. Leave the strap lock open and the targets swing in a pendulum action when stuck making it much harder to hit a moving target.

2×4 – Conduit Connectors

Our convenient 2×4 conduit connectors make it easy to make a stand. Just add a 6 foot  2×4 and four pieces of 3/4″ electrical conduit that you can find at your local hardware store. Simply slide all the pieces together for a simple portable stand.


Please review our caliber chart for steel thickness needed for your target application. Buyer assumes all responsibility for the use and misuse of the purchased  targets.

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Weight 21 lbs

3/8", 1/2"


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