AR550 Steel Targets - Shop All

At AR500 Target Solutions, we are always trying to bring you the best quality steel targets at the lowest prices.  As you may have noticed, we are changing over all of  our 1/2″ AR500 steel targets to AR550 steel. While AR500 steel targets work great for all hand gun calibers and rifles calibers up to .308 caliber, AR500 falls short when it comes to magnum round rifles or high velocity ammo like .223. These high velocity or magnum rounds when shot at  AR500 sometimes result in minor dimpling that reduces the life of the target. AR550 steel targets are a touch more expensive, but worth the investment for the increased durability when being used for heavy duty rifle applications. Again, if your shooting pistols and rifles with calibers under 308  then  3/8″ thick AR500 targets are more than sufficient.  If your shooting .223 or magnum round rifles, you’re in the right section. More questions? Check out our Blog on AR550 vs. AR500.