AR500 Steel Targets - Shop All

At AR500 Target Solutions, we take pride at making a quality steel target that won’t let you down at the range.  Building quality steel targets is like building a house. The foundation is one of the most important parts. That is why we use only the finest certified AR500 steel and only cut with a CNC laser. Many AR500 targets are cut with a CNC plasma table to save money. With plasma cut targets you end up with chipped up edges and a steel target that will not last very long.

Other quality features that you will notice is all of our targets have three 1/2″ square carriage bolt holes. Whether you want to center mount your targets or hang them from chains, the choice is yours. All of our targets even come powder coated in white.  That seems like a small detail until you use a full can of paint to get a steel target ready to shoot.

If your a magnum round rifle shooter, check out heavy duty AR550 target line up.