Are steel targets safe? Are They dangerous?

This article is all about safely shooting steel targets. You will get to know whether the use of steel targets is safe or dangerous. We will also share some steel target safety rules so that shooting can be done safely and responsibly. So, do not go anywhere and read this post till the end. The shooting targets that are made up of hard steel (medium or high-carbon steel that has heat treated) to withstand repeated shots are known as AR500 & AR500 targets. Rather than regular steel, they are made up of hardened steel as it has more resistance to deformation.  They are not only easy to assemble but give instant confirmation of target hit or miss. Popular in competitions and training, you can mostly see the use of bullseye targets in a firearm or air gun sports, particularly in police or military training or in heavy club use. Like every other traditional target shooting, shooting on metal targets can be fun, but it should be done keeping in mind the safety rules and considerations.

Are you ready to explore the safety rules for shooting targets? Let’s get started now!

What are the Basic Safety Rules?

The basic safety rules for targets are as follows:

  • Follow all firearm safety rules while shooting  steel targets.
  • All shooters and spectators must wear eye protection or ear protection to guard their sight and hearing. Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes against damage from gases or hot shells. Ear protection can be in the form of earplugs or earmuffs.
  • Using the right type of ammo is important while using AR500 targets.
  • Check the target for any damage, stability, or functionality error to get a safe and clean shooting experience. Plus, to prevent damage to the target, shoot at longer distances.
  • In case of using shotgun slugs, centerfire rifle calibers, shotgun bird, always try to stand at least 20 – 30 yards away from the target, respectively.
  • Try to shoot at an angle in both horizontal as well as vertical directions.
  • Whether you are using shotguns or rifle calibers, it is important to place the target stand on a stable surface facing away from people.

If all these safety rules are taken into consideration, while shooting on metal targets, the chances of ricochets become less.

What is a suitable target material for metal targets?

As mentioned earlier, Rangetime targets are made of hardened steel (keeping in mind the safety precautions) because if soft steel is used, the metal targets are worn out quickly and are dangerous to use as well. To make sure the targets are safe and functional, thickness plays an important role in avoiding pitting or cratering. The Brinell Hardness Number (BHN) of the targets must be at least 500 or above 500.  3/8 inch thick AR500 works great with most pistols, handguns and light rifle calibers. If you’re shooting .223 or magnum rifles calibers, we recommend going with the 1/2 inch thick ar550 targets

Right Angle and Ammunition

The angle of the target and the right type of ammo plays an important role while target shooting. To minimize the impact of ricochets, not only the angle of the target but also the correct distance from which a shooter will fire a gun is also very important. Always do your homework when using the right type of ammunition. We recommend using a 20-30 degree angle.  

In short, safety should be the number one priority while target shooting. Gun owners must know how to use AR550 & AR500 targets properly.

Final and Last Thoughts:

So, these are some of the rules that should be followed if you want to make your next target shooting activity fun as well as safe for everyone. Whether you are a first-time or an experienced shooter, just make sure that you are getting the safest  targets. Moreover, follow the safety considerations to get as much out of the shooting as you can! Our products are strong and durable check out the selection that AR500targetsolutions.com can offer.   We have all of your target needs feel free to browse our product lines and see the variety of products we carry.

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